6 Social Media Management Tools I Use for Small Business Daily

I spend a large portion of my day managing social media profiles for our Intense Business customers as well as our in-house profiles. If it weren’t for the awesome social media management tools that I have in my toolbox, it would be hard if not nearly impossible to achieve my social media marketing goals.

Today I’m busting my toolbox open to share some of my favorite social media management tools. I share many of these tools during my social media training classes with small-medium size business owners. Once they dig in, they LOVE’EM! I know you will too.

Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

Social Media Management Tools


When it comes to sharing content consistently across multiple social networks Buffer is probably the fastest and easiest tool around. Once scheduled posting days/times are setup in Buffer, you can begin to add content to the Buffer queue.

Buffer App

Adding content to Buffer for scheduled and consistent sharing can be done through the Buffer dashboard or by using any of the browser extensions they provide. A few simple clicks and your queue begins to build with content, freeing up your time to work on other important branding tasks.


Crowdfire App

Crowdfire app is a popular tool used by social media managers to manage Twitter and Instagram connections.

The Crowdfire app allows you to easily connect with new followers while flushing out inactive users and users that unfollowed you. THE NERVE!

Facebook Scheduling Tool

Facebook Scheduling Tool

A lot of my social media training customers wonder why I use the Facebook scheduling tool when I have access to Buffer and Hootsuite. The answer is simple actually.

I’ve found that updates posted directly through Facebook perform better than updates scheduled with third party tools like Buffer and Hootsuite. I’m certain Facebook weighs updates posted and scheduled directly through Facebook higher than scheduled updates from third party apps.


Hootsuite Social Media Manager

Hootsuite is one of the most popular and possibly most powerful social media management tools used by social media marketers. Hootsuite allows users to easily manage multiple social media profiles across various social networking sites.

There’s even collaborative tools built in that make managing or working with a team a complete pleasure.


Latergramme Instagram Tool

Latergramme is a hidden gem for anyone looking to increase their personal or business activity on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular and powerful marketing tool available to marketers. I highly recommend extending your brand reach on Instagram, and when you do, Latergramme will save you countless hours and keep you organized.

Lattergramme makes it easy to post, repost and schedule Instagram updated for the future. A simple push notification is sent to your device reminding you when it’s time to post your update and seamlessly takes you to Instagram to fire it off.

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Tweepi Twitter Tool

Tweepi is a great little social media management tool that allows you to easily manage your Twitter followers, inactive users, and unfollowers. I use Tweepi specifically for managing inactive Twitter users.

The Conclusion

Each of the tools I’ve shared today can be implemented and aid in achieving your business¬† and personal branding goals.

Did you know?

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  • Social Media Consultation
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Your thoughts?

If you already put these social media management tools to good use in promoting your business on a daily basis, take a moment to comment below with your favorites.

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