Social Media Management Services

At Intense Business, our Social Media Management Services are based on over twenty years of internet networking and marketing experience.

The amount of time and energy that goes into event planning can be staggering. Unfortunately, for most event planners and small business owners they rarely get to enjoy the event on event day.

The constraints of putting together and managing an event make it nearly impossible to leverage social media in a way that maximizes branding potential.

That’s where Intense Business can help!

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management Services: Live Events

The benefits of leveraging social media management services for your live event are countless.

Our live event social media management services will share the message of your event using your social media profiles. The social media presence of your brand will continue to bring new leads long after your event ends.

Did you know?

Our services are GREAT for personal events too!

We can share your event across your social profiles while you get to enjoy the event!

Share your: Baby shower, Birthday party, Bridal party, Graduation, Girls night out, Guys night out, House party, Sweet 16 or Wedding with our social media event expertise.

SMM Services: Startups

We are experts at leveraging social media to launch startups.

At Intense Business, we know the importance of implementing a social media strategy that begins the branding process long before a new brand, product or services launch.

Building pre-launch hype is just one aspect of a successful startup launch. Our social media services allow you to focus on what’s important, the launch of your new business.

Meanwhile, after launch, we can provide social media management services that keep your brand relevant in a crowded market space.

Social Media Services: Small Business

Every member of the Intense Business team has vast experience in promoting small business with social media. Over 30 years of combined experience to be more specific.

With our creative approach, we can implement a social media strategy that takes your existing social media presence to the next level.

Social Media Services: Advertising

Leveraging your brand presence with innovative advertising tools is key to expanding your reach. Our social media management services are available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ad campaign management.

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The social media landscape is forever changing. Let us take the pressure off and create real, lasting results for your brand. Contact Intense Business today.

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