Thumbtack Pro WordPress Design and Installation

If you are looking for pro WordPress design and installation services, Thumbtack is a great place to start. A far-reaching company, Thumbtack, is an online resource full of certified professionals both locally and worldwide who can provide just about any WordPress service you could need.

What is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack is an online platform that specializes in matching service providers with those needing services. These service providers range from web designers and WordPress SEO to house painters, each offering service at competitive rates.

Free to join, Thumbtack works on a credit system where freelance service providers purchase credits to bid on projects for which they will be paid.

Why is Thumbtack a Good Resource for Pro WordPress Design and Installation?

Hiring a pro WordPress design and installation freelancer can be a great way to get professional services for a great rate. Using freelancing platforms, however, can be frustrating and unnerving. Frustrating because they are often overloaded with subpar outsourced workers. Unnerving because you can’t be sure what you are getting for your money.

How is Thumbtack different? Thumbtack differs from other outsourcing platforms in a number of ways which make it ideal for pro WordPress design and installation hiring.

Thumbtack Requires Upfront Payment

Unlike other outsourcing platforms, Thumbtack requires freelancers to pay to bid on jobs. This eliminates the aggressive bidding from unqualified, subpar, and outsourced workers by requiring an upfront investment. This means that cookie cutter, stock image using designers are out and pro WordPress designers are in!

Thumbtack Provides Honest Freelancer Feedback

Freelancers offering work on Thumbtack are rated by their clients on every job that they complete. This means that poorly performing freelancers receive the feedback that they have earned. So, instead of being duped into hiring an amateur designer with a stolen portfolio, you can be sure that you are hiring a pro WordPress design freelancer.

Thumbtack Provides Full Contact Details for Freelancers

Some freelance platforms only offer on-platform communication, but Thumbtack provides full contact details for all freelancers. That means that when hiring a pro WordPress design and installation freelancer, you will be given their telephone and e-mail contact information. So instead of waiting around for online messages, you can reach your freelancer when you need them.

Thumbtack Confirms the Credentials of Freelancers

Where other freelance platforms allow any and all freelancers to bid on or work on projects, Thumbtack doesn’t. Thumbtack lists the credentials of freelancers. Whenever possible, these credentials are verified through public databases. Credits also let you know how complete a professional’s profile is so that you can compare freelancers fairly.

Are You Considering Hiring a Thumbtack Pro WordPress Design and Installation Professional?

Are you considering hiring a Thumbtack Pro WordPress design and installation professional? You really don’t have anything to lose by setting up your free account and taking a look at the available talent. In fact, I even have my own Thumbtack account to offer my WordPress design and installation services when I have space available in my schedule. So, what are you waiting for? Hop over there and take a look to see what a designer can do for you!

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