Google AdWords: How to Setup and Manage Your First Ad Campaign

Google AdWords is certainly not a “new” kid on the scene when it comes to advertising for keywords, yet it remains somewhat of an enigma to most website owners. When implemented efficiently, Google AdWords can open the door to a whole new world of web traffic. The problem is, however, that most website owners have no idea where to begin, so that’s precisely what I want to talk about today.

Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords?


Often confused with Google AdSense, Google AdWords is an advertising system for advertisers to market their product, service, or website. The system works by permitting advertisers to bid on specific keywords to have their ad displayed on search results for those keywords. Advertisers pay per click of their advertisement.

Google AdWords Howto


It sounds more confusing than it actually is, but let me give you an example to make it a little easier…

I own a website about frogs.
I want more people who are interested in frogs to visit my website.
I set up a Google AdWords account and I bid on the keyword “Frogs”.

Now, when people search for “Frogs” on Google, my ad will appear to those people and each time they click my ad, I pay a designated amount per click as determined by my bid.

In short, Google AdWords is designed to attract relevant visitors to your website by using targeted advertising.

Setting Up Google AdWords

Google AdWords Manager

The first step in setting up a campaign with Google AdWords is to set up a Google AdWords account.
Begin by visiting the Google AdWords homepage here.
You will be asked to sign in. Use your Google log-in information to log-in – I use my Gmail account. If you don’t have a Google log-in, you can set one up in just a few minutes.

Setting Up Your First Campaign with AdWords Express

Google AdWords Management

Defining Your Ad and Your Audience

Once signed in, you will be taken to a Google AdWords Express setup page like the one pictured above.
This setup “wizard” is designed to help you to set up your advertisement and target a keyword that will work for your product, service, or website.

Follow the set-up wizard to choose the category for your ad, the audience for your ad, and how you want your ad to appear when it is displayed.

It is important to carefully select your wording as well as your audience in order to maximize your ad’s exposure. If you are unsure of how to do this, I recommend contacting an experienced Google AdWords manager to help you with the process. (As a side note, I do offer this service to clients, so feel free to contact me with your Google Adwords manager needs.)

Setting Your AdSense Budget

Google AdWords MGMT Company

Any Google AdWords manager worth their salt will tell you that your available budget is going to play a significant part in the success of your AdWords campaign. The tricky part is balancing your budget while getting the most “bang for your buck”.

How do you do this?

Obviously, the first step should be determining what your Google AdSense budget is. For example, can you afford $500 a month? $250 a month?

Handily, the Google Adwords manager wizard gives you a “typical competitor budget range” to help to guide you as you choose your budget limits.

With a figure in mind, fill in the maximum amount of money that you want to pay (either per day or per month) in the AdWords wizard.

Notice that as you do this, a small box on the right side of the page will tell you the estimated ad reach for your budget. Your aim is to get the largest ad reach for your budget.

Once you have set your budget and submitted that budget via the AdWords wizard, you will be taken to an overview of your ad settings for your AdWords campaign. Confirming this will then take you to a payment information page where you submit your payment information for your campaign.

Do You Have to Use AdWords Express?

Cheap Google AdWords Manager

No! In fact, using traditional Google AdWords manager, you will be able to make much more customizations to your advertising campaign. The drawback, however, is that you will need to do much more legwork on your part to determine the right ad words and audience for you.

Personally, I find that I get much better results from using regular Google AdWords, however, if I were to write an article on setting up and using this tool, it would easily run for twenty pages.
So, what if you want to use regular Google AdWords?

If I’m being honest, using the traditional Google AdWords tool is time-consuming and frustrating at times. It is not an endeavor for those who have no advertising or AdWords experience. If you do decide that you want to optimize your campaign by using this tool, I highly recommend hiring a professional to at least walk you through your first campaign.

Managing Your First Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords Expert

So, once you have set up your Google AdWords campaign, can you just “set it and forget it”?
Not so much…

Depending on your budget, your product/service/website, and the keyword you begin with, you may need to make adjustments to your AdWords campaign as it runs.

Why? Well, you may find that you aren’t getting enough for your money with your current campaign or that people just aren’t enticed by your ad format.

It takes a little tweaking and research into related keywords to create a formula that will be optimally successful for you.

I know, it sounds complicated and if you’re a newcomer to SEO and AdWords, it is. Over time and with the right guiding hand, however, you will learn to know your target market, your “money maker” keywords, and how to optimize your advertising budget.

Not sure where to start? Shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to get you on the right track!

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