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Google AdWords Management

I’m an experienced Google AdWords Management expert that writes high converting landing pages that reduce wasted ad spend and increase quality leads. I can manage your Google AdWords campaign, today.

Google AdWords Management

If you’re looking for a highly experienced Google AdWords Management professional to increase your paid marketing results, look no further. I have over 20-years of Internet Marketing experience with much of that time dedicated to Google AdWords management.

Thanks to many years of experience, I’m a Google AdWords Manager that knows how to write high-level ad copy that achieves excellent Google AdRank and QualityScore ratings. My clients never waste money on ads that underperform and fail to bring in quality leads. The planning that goes into your custom designed landing pages will result in reduced Google AdWords expense while increasing your ad positions.

When it comes to increasing Google AdWords performance it requires a Google AdWords Management expert that knows how to write gripping headlines and ad copy. Something I do daily at Intense Business.

I can start optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns and increase leads for you TODAY!

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AdWords Campaign Strategy

Working as your full-time Google AdWords Manager, I will develop a Google AdWords campaign strategy that’s efficient and focused on generating new leads for your business. The Google AdWords strategies that I develop are known for decreasing ad spend while increasing average conversions.

Google AdWords Specialist

Analytics Analysis

One of the first things I do for my Google AdWords Management customers is integrate Google Analytics into their Wordpress website. As-soon-as Google Analytics begins capturing information about your website’s visitors, I begin putting that information to work for your brand.

Knowing how your visitors arrived at your website and what they’re looking for is extremely important in developing a Google AdWords strategy that offers a high return on investment (ROI).

Intelligent AdWords Bidding

Instead of wasting money bidding on keywords and phrases that generate clicks but no revenue, you’ll have a dedicated and experienced Google AdWords Manager watching everything closely. Most people eat eggs for breakfast, I eat Google AdWords. 🙂 Seriously, the first thing I do every morning and have done for years is adjusting bids in order to maximize ROI.

Google AdWords MGMT

Landing Page Design

In order to have an effective Google AdWords campaign, one needs to understand landing pages and how web surfers interact with marketing tactics. There’s a science to landing page design that is just as important as understanding the science of keyword and key phrase targeting when search engine optimizing a WordPress website.

As your Google AdWords Manager, I will design landing pages that compliment the ads I craft for your business. With Google Ad campaigns that are targeted and properly written, Google QualityScore and AdRank will increase, which will guarantee you higher placements at a lower cost.

Organized Campaign Management

I take the time necessary to organize AdWords campaigns BEFORE they go live and I do it in a way that allows my customers to login and see exactly which ads and keywords are performing best. A careless Google AdWords Campaign setup is not only difficult to manage, it also makes it very difficult to see opportunities, which often equates to missed leads.

Google AdWords Specialist

Happy AdWords Management Customers

Take a moment to review the feedback my awesome customers have left over the years. I’ve never received less than a 5-star rating. Even on over-populated and extremely competitive freelancing websites like Freelancer, where I have over 30 reviews. All of which are five stars. I’m also a Thumbtack Pro, where all of my reviews are 5-star as well.

Google AdWords Specialist