Facebook Business Page Setup Tips

One of the most common questions that I receive is “Do you have any Facebook Business Page setup tips?”, or “Does Intense Business setup Facebook Pages for business owners?”. The answer is YES on both points.

I have been working on Facebook Business Page setup since Facebook launched Pages on November 7, 2007. Since originally launching, Facebook Pages have gone through more changes than you can shake a stick at.

In the 8-plus-years that I’ve been setting up Facebook Pages and helping business owners setup their Pages, I’ve learned a lot. I see owners struggle with setting up a Facebook Business Page for the first time, and I also see them struggle to keep up with the constant changes.

9 Facebook Business Page Tips

Today, I’m going to walk you through a few easy Facebook Business Page setup tips that will get you up and running. If you run into a problem, or you would prefer to have someone setup your business Facebook Page, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Facebook Business Page Setup

1. Add a Profile Picture

I’m assuming that you’ve already created a Facebook Page for your business, if you have not done so already, login to your Facebook account and create a Facebook Page.

Facebook Profile Image Dimensions

Before you start promoting your new Facebook Page be sure to upload a profile photo. I recommend using a photo with an individual instead of using your business logo in that space.

A 180 x 180 image will do the trick. If your photo is larger don’t worry about it, Facebook will allow you to adjust the selected image area so you can display the portion you want.

2. Add Your Basic About Information

Take a moment to complete the basic About Information on your new page. Incomplete business Facebook Pages typically don’t do much in building your brand or following.

Facebook Business Page Info

3. Add a Cover Photo

There’s a big giant billboard on the top of your Facebook Page where you can add a captivating image that spotlights your brand. One thing that you should know about cover photos is that Facebook terms state that your cover photo cannot contain more than 20% text.

I always recommend that my clients utilize interaction and the Facebook Page Timeline to brand their business, not their cover photo.

Facebook Cover Dimensions

Cover photo images look best when sized at 851 pixels wide by 350 pixels high. Don’t panic if your cover photo doesn’t fit the recommended dimensions, a photo that is at least 399 pixels wide will be fine.

If you need a photo editing tool to resize your photo, try PicMonkey, it’s a free photo editing tool and doesn’t require you to download or install any software.

4. Add Information to the About Page

In the left sidebar of your new Facebook Page you’ll find a mini “About” section. Click the edit arrow to edit/view your About section.

Business Facebook Page

Now that you have a few of the basics under your belt, take a few minutes to complete ALL of the fields on the About Page. This will help potential clients that locate your Facebook Page understand the products and services offered by your business. It can also assist them in locating your actual business.

Facebook Marketing Service

5. Review Your Page Permissions

Facebook Page Settings

In the upper right hand corner of your page there’s a “Settings” button, click it in order to edit your page settings and permissions.

Facebook Settings

The Facebook Page Settings are allows you to control how you interact with others through your page. Adjust these settings to enable or disable specific functions that will benefit your overall interaction experience as well as your page visitors experience.

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6. Like Your Own Page

It’s not required that you like your own Facebook Page, but I’m assuming that you’re going to be promoting and cross promoting your business using your personal profile also.

Facebook Page Tips

7. Share Something

Now that you have the basics in place and your page resembles your brand, it’s time to share something on your timeline.

Facebook Post

Since your page isn’t being followed by anyone yet, I suggest adding a mix of text, photo and video based content in order to make your timeline more appealing to new visitors.

8. Invite Your Friends and Family

Pinellas County

Now that your page is looking like a brand page should, it’s time to show it off to the world! Ok, maybe I’m getting a little out of control here, let’s start small by inviting all of your friends and family to like your page first. 😉

Locate the first box on the left side of your page and click “Invite friends to like this Page”. A pop up will be displayed that allows you to easily scroll through your Facebook connections and select who you would like to invite to the the Page.


9. Like Other Facebook Pages

Networking and building relationships is an essential part of being an active Facebook Business Page. Take a few minutes and use the Facebook search box to locate and “like” business pages of some of your favorite local small businesses.

Connect on Facebook

Don’t stop there, try sharing something from one of their pages to your Facebook Business Page, you might make a new connection.

Facebook Page Setup for Business

If you have trouble setting up your Facebook Page, or would prefer to have someone else set your Page up for you, contact me. I can help with setting up your business Facebook Page.

How Did You Do?

I would love to hear how you did setting up your Facebook Page, share your experience in the comments section below.

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