6 Social Media Management Tools I Use for Small Business Daily

I spend a large portion of my day managing social media profiles for our Intense Business customers as well as our in-house profiles. If it weren't for the awesome social media management tools that I have in my toolbox, it would be hard if not nearly impossible to achieve my social media marketing goals. Today [...]

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Apple Product Setup Service Pinellas County

It's officially Christmas week and that means millions of new Apple products are wrapped and ready for the big day. This also means that there will be an increase in new Apple device owners that will need Apple product setup and integration help. If you're finding this article after Christmas and you received a new [...]

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Facebook Business Page Setup Tips

One of the most common questions that I receive is "Do you have any Facebook Business Page setup tips?", or "Does Intense Business setup Facebook Pages for business owners?". The answer is YES on both points. I have been working on Facebook Business Page setup since Facebook launched Pages on November 7, 2007. Since originally [...]

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Social Media Management Services

At Intense Business, our Social Media Management Services are based on over twenty years of internet networking and marketing experience. The amount of time and energy that goes into event planning can be staggering. Unfortunately, for most event planners and small business owners they rarely get to enjoy the event on event day. The constraints [...]

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What is Mcommerce and Why You Should Consider It for Your Business

A common question we receive at Intense Business is, "What is Mcommerce?". In today's world technology changes by the minute, which can be very difficult for small business owners to follow. It's no surprise with the recent M-commerce growth explosion, that business owners would want to know what is Mcommerce (mobile commerce) and if it's [...]

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6 iPad Maintenance Tips to Keep Your iDevice Performance Like New

Over the years, I’ve watched the transition as my family and friends migrate to Apple products. One of the first Apple devices that people start their Apple addiction with is the iPad, or iPad mini. Once the initial learning phase is over and everyone becomes comfortable with their iPad, I find myself giving iPad maintenance [...]

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